About Us

O N E   A D V E N T U R E   A T   A   T I M E . . .

ADVENTURE. An unusual and exciting, sometimes daring, experience or activity. That pretty much defines what most of us are looking for each and every day. It is with this inspiration in mind that we, at A. Leigh Designs, created our latest line of sensational clothing.

A. Leigh Designs was founded on the idea that personal experiences define us. Whether you travel to another state, country, or continent to find your adventures or just create one right in your backyard, adventure is all around us if you look hard enough. We want to capture those experiences within our designs by adding personal and unique elements to each creation.

We hope you reconnect with your previous adventures and find new thrills on the road ahead through our designs.

L I V E   I T .   S H O P  I T .   W E A R   I T.

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